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I have been screen printing for some time, across different make-shift setups in appartment in Montreal and Ottawa. Below are a few of my favourite projects.

Experimenting with making ink from coffee, printing on paper and fabric (2022)

Experimenting with coffee ink on fabric and paper

Experimenting with thick (gold) inks on paper for holiday cards for staff at day job (2022)

2019: wedding cards print (design and lettering work by the amazing Pascale Arpin)

Lettering and artwork by Pascale Arpin

FaceTime love (2017)

Half-tone screen print on paper from FaceTime screenshot

Exploring screen printing scan of graffiti markers (2017)

Glow in the dark pyramid print, learning to register prints on fabric (printed white base, then glow in the dark ink)

"Complexity" print

One of my favourites shirts - drawing was originally made with a thick and very drippy Molotov marker, then digitized, and then screenprinted
Close up of experiments of chaos print on paper

A letter to my typewriter (2017)

I got this typewriter, and I want to write something, so I wrote it a letter. It was a sort of free flow typing, and I didn't expect to come up with something I'd want to keep.

Stencil explorations (2017)

Spray painting x screen printing (2017)

Spray painted gradients on wood
Gradients inside jar using long nozzle
A (rather unsuccesful) print on spray painted gradient, learning to print on rough surfaces

Unicorn drawing and print (2016)

Attempt at drop crotch pants (2016)

Other / miscellaneous projects

The high-tech screenprinting setup in the Montreal appartment (2017)