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A space for projects that aren’t fit for the portfolio, and thoughts that aren’t fit for the writing section.


The caps lock key is probably the most useless button on your keyboard, and arguably the Internet would be a better place without it. I originally wrote an article on Medium to do this on Mac OS, but I have recently switched to Linux and really missed the functionality. A
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Configurer un clavier Apple en canadien français sur Linux

Problématique: si vous utilisez un clavier Apple (ex. Magic Keyboard) avec Linux (dans ce cas-ci Ubuntu 24.04 et GNOME Wayland), les touches ne correspondent pas à leur emplacement que vous seriez habitué d'utiliser sur Mac OS X. Il y a un bonne explication sur cet article ici. En sommaire,
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Hard Drive Speakers

I wired an old hard drive to a LM386 audio amplifier to turn it into a speaker. I used a 9v power source and an audio jack I salvaged from an old desktop. I also added a capacitor to smoothen the sound a little bit. Reference videos (with good explanations)
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Backup sump pump

Summary: I installed a Red Lion backup 12v sump pump system, but I don't feel like the kit was well worth the money. I tried rebuilding my own kit - it's a a work in progress, I will update this page with finding later. Context: In the last few years,
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Password protecting only some pages on Ghost CMS

A workaround to password protect only a specific page or collection on Ghost CMS.
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Bulk emails on Odoo for almost free using Amazon SES

Odoo can be a powerful replacement for mass mail and newsletter services like MailChimp, especially if you are already paying for Odoo or if you have reached the 1,000 maximum recipients threshold for MailChimp's free account. Odoo Online comes with an outbound email service, but it has a limitation
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