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🔒 Admin portal

Admin portal for managing purchase offers for real estate properties.
Work  ✺  UX

🔒 Real estate checkout

A scalable solution for transacting real estate properties completely online.
Work  ✺  UX

🔒 Shopify Subscriptions

Adding support for subscription orders to the Shopify admin.
Work  ✺  UX

🔒 Shopify Order Editing

Native support for order editing on Shopify's admin.
Work  ✺  UX

🔒 Home building app

A point-of-sale tool for staff to match home models to available plots of land.
Work  ✺  UX

🔒 Self-represented litigation

Self-represented litigation made easy for individuals with no legal knowledge.
Work  ✺  UX


CMYK data visualisation

A geospatial analysis visualisation of Stefan Sagmeister’s surveys for The Happy Film.
Data  ✺  Geospatial  ✺  Data Vis

🔒 Automated inventory categorization

Automated entry for attributes of hundreds of products using Google Sheets API x Pandas x Python x OpenAI LLM API
Work  ✺  Data

🔒🚧 Shopify cancelled orders analysis

Analyzing data on Mode Analytics to support change design decisions.
Work  ✺  Data

🔒🚧 Household food analysis

Aggregated and cleaned thousands of entries using Python and OpenRefine.
Work  ✺  Data


🔒 Lot selection prototype

React x Relay x GraphQL prototype for point-of-sale app prototype.
Work  ✺  Dev  ✺  Geospatial

Les Condos Crescent dynamic ads

A few technical hat tricks to make a digital and OOH campaign stand out.
Dev  ✺  Graphic Design


Stickers as a services with TypeScript x NextJS x MongoDB x TailwindCSS + Python tooling

🚧 Figma data import plugin

This page is not completed yet 🚧 *

🚧 Accordion calendars

Dynamically generating print files for calendars using SVG and Node.js

Chrome plugins

A few Chrome plugins, from useful to funny.

Many, many, many websites (archive)

An archive of a few marketing websites from the many I've worked on over 20+ years.


🔒 Residential interiors

Interior design for private residential homes.
Work  ✺  Spatial

🔒 Mall boutique concept

Concept design for digitally-enabled retail space for purchasing homes.
Work  ✺  Spatial

Sales office exterior and interior

Interior design and exterior facelift of existing building for real estate sales office.

Ephemeral New York

Conceptual study for for gallery and artist residence (school project).

Graphic design

Eden Condos Branding

A creative direction inspired by the Garden City movement and Ted Baker.
Advertising  ✺  Branding

Samcon advertisements

An advertising campaign that no longer aligns with my values.


AR portal x coffee sourcing

AR filter, Blender modelling, generative AI images. A portal opens to a view of the farm where the beans are harvested.
Experiment  ✺  3D  ✺  AR/VR  ✺  Photography  ✺  Branding

Arduino automatic dispenser

Proof of concept, 3D printed auger mechanism using microcontroller
Experiment  ✺  Technology  ✺  3D

AR dollhouse

Prototype for leveraging AR for viewing interior spaces.
Experiment  ✺  3D  ✺  AR/VR

Montreal Vacant Spaces

Plotting the many vacant commercial spaces along Montreal's commercial arteries.
Experiment  ✺  Geospatial  ✺  Photography

Coffee ink and prints

Coffee transparency project: ink making and silk screen half-tone print.
Experiment  ✺  Printing

3D modelling and printing

On-going list of misc modelling projects for 3D printing.
Experiment  ✺  3D

Design Pyramid

An on-going exploration of the facets of Design through the geometric properties of the tetrahedron.
Experiment  ✺  3D

Password protecting only some pages on Ghost

A workaround to password protect only a specific page or collection on Ghost CMS.