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Cities / Urbanism

📚 Book: How Buildings Learn

How Buildings Learn: What happens after they’re built (Stewart Brand) The book is a thought piece on the built environment, and a critique of the common approaches in designing and building homes. The books builds up to some steps that can lead towards a more suitable built environment for
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📚 Book: A View From The Porch

This book is a collection of thoughts on homes and cities. The book covers a range of topics, but here are a few that were highlights for me. I fell out of love with marketing after working in it for a good part of my career. One of the chapters
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📚 Book: Happy City

Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design by Charles Montgomery Published 2014, read in 2015 Quotes This kind of personal retrofit demands did you confront your own habits and relationship with the city. It means rid of finding your notion about what the good life is supposed to look
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