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📚 Book: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Fiction, by Gabrielle Zevin (link) Cosy but captivating, the narrative about the creative process within the reality of technology and capitalism touches on gender, race, and disability. I found the book described a human experience through a parallel with game design, both in how they are alike and not. The
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Design spectrum

There was a point at a previous role where I was feeling frustrated by how little real Design I felt was happening at my work. I felt that the focus was too much on solutions, and too little on understanding the problem, with input from users. I spoke to a
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Pluriverse vs metaverse

The race to build yet another metaverse is on fire (Economist). It is fueled by people looking to gather with like minds in an increasignly polarized world, and worries me that it will lead to more of our differences being shunned rather than embraced. I found a beacon of hope
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📚 Book: Inhabiting the negative space (Jenny Odell)

In How to Do Nothing, I draw on the work of musician and composer Pauline Oliveros, who developed a practice she referred to as Deep Listening. For her, Deep Listening was "listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening
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