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📚 Book: Gender(s)

Katherine Bond Stockton This book deconstructs gender layer by layer, diving into the strangeness of gender however "normal" it may seem at first. It draws on the relationships of gender with race, capacities of bodies, and money. Implied in this book are layers of violence. There is the force of
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📚⭐️ Book: Queer Theory: A Graphic History

By Meg-John Barker (author) and Jules Scheele (illustrator) I loved the breadth and the depth this book covers. It's exactly what I wanted: to cover the breadth of a queery theory history, and get a better sense of the different pieces to dive into next. The book covers the past
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📚 Book: Queer Body Power

Queer Body Power: Finding Your Body Positivity by Essie Dennis This book brought both sense and hope. The book brough clarity through the reflections and the patterns the author brings out, but importantly, it brought me connectedness through the reading the author's personal experiences, and quotes from interviews with other
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