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Chrome plugins

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Goatarize (2017): a Chrome plugin to spawn a goat in your browser (JavaScript); and a few other Chrome plug-ins: fixing image width problems in Gmail, hiding the Facebook newsfeed after a given amount of time

Raptorize Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extensions to make everyone web browsing experience more enjoyable, any page is more awesome with some RAWWWWR. Adapted from a script written by Zurb's Playground, the plugin unleashes a raptor on any open page. At the height of its glory, Raptorize had close to 3,000 active weekly users. It also received raving reviews:

“Without a doubt the dumbest thing in the entire store. I love it!”
—Finbarr (Jun 16, 2015)

Following this astounding success, a sequel extension Goatarize was released. Goat bleating vocal credits to my lovely and talented partner Kaitlyn.
Get them on your Chrome browser:

Gmail Image Width Fix

A Chrome extension for something that bugged me for ages: the Gmail window being stretched when a very large image is attached inline in an email. Over 4,500 weekly users at the time of writing.