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Les Condos Crescent dynamic ads

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Les Condos Crescent is a multi-residential project located in the heart of downtown Montreal on the famous Crescent St. In order to draw attention to the campaign, I came up with few technical twists to traditional out-of-home advertising.

Digital Billboards Campaign, Fall 2014: At the time Pattison was just launching thier new fully digital billboards, and this campaign was the first one to try them out. The advantage of digital billboards is that you could change them as often as you like - or so they said. I bulk generated the visuals for every day of the campaign using InDesign's Data Merge functionality. Pattison did not like - apparently that's not what they meant by "change it as often as you like".  

Les Condos Crescent Digital Billboard Advertisement by Webmovement

Email Campaigns: This doesn't look impressive at first sight, but think about it - how do you show real-time content like a countdown if an email can't pull from an API and can't have server-side code? I wanted every email to open with a real time countdown, so I created a PHP script that returned a GIF animation of the countdown based on the (server's) current data and time. The PHP script had a .gif extension, and as far as the email was concerned, it was just a regular image file.

Pre-launch website: Teaser website with sign-up for lead generation. I can't remeber what PHP framework they used, but it was a pain in the butt. Those were the days before CSS animations were supported by browsers, so I used jQuery for the count-down and animations.

Digital Banners: A series of banners were created for Adwords, AdSense and other advertising networks. Dynamic banners were developed with HTML5 and JavaScript, allowing for dynamic content while maintaining cross-platform and mobile compatibility. This was at a time when HTML5 was not consistently supported by all browsers, and Flash animations for ads were starting to phase out.