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Many, many, many websites

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I started making website in grade school, and learned a few things over the 25 or years since... from IE5.5 and HTML 4.0 through to Flash (remember ActionScript 1, and Macromedia?) and more recently React.

This is by no means a complete list, more of trip through memory lane, highlighting a few websites along the way.

400 Dowd

Presti Construction
Website animated with jQuery and dynamically loading content with AJAX calls (that was cool at the time).

La Perla Condominiums
Website and unit navigation module

Condos Sur La Promenade
Website, Photography

Condominiums Alto

Robin Lewis
Responsive Website

Alfred Sung Watches
Flash Website, Online Catalogue

Navy Seals Watches
Website, E-Commerce Integration, jQuery animations

Kuper Academy (2015)

RodRoy Ski School (2008)
Website, Dreamweaver Template, Dynamic Content Update