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📚 Book: Making Light Work

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This book is a very thorough and well referenced argument for a reform in work. A key take-away for me is that while there is a strong argument for reducing the proportion of a life time that is dedicated to what we call work, there's an equally important component to the quality of work we do–that all of us do.

It is not about seeking a future without work; rather, it is about creating the basis for a world where all the activities people undertake–whether in work or beyond it–are sources of meaning and pleasure. (150)

Summarizing the book in the above would be selling it short. The author goes into an in-depth analysis of other authors and thinkers. The book is equally insightful for the individual's perspective as a contributor in society, as well for the perspective as a manager as the perpetuator of the power dynamics.

Quality of work

The author defines objective characterists for the quality of work. These break down into extrinsic and intrinsic characteristics.

Extrinsic quality of work:

Intrinsic qualities of work

Personal takeaways

Buy the book from a local bookstore, I got mine from Octopus Books in Ottawa. I found this book through a list of suggested readings in the Jacobin.