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📚 Book: maquillée

maquillée by Daphné B Through a mix of elegant wordplays, personal narratives, and quotes, Daphné B uncovers patterns about society and our lives. I loved how the narrative is woven together through the lens of make-up, and how layer by layer she brought attention to things that are right in
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Single core CPU

Coffee, water, oats, dishes, oats, coffee, oats, coffee. Even the simplest tasks when done in parallel make me ache in a dull quiet scream. My body is begging me to stop. Coffee, dishes, oats, coffee, oats. I’m cutting the apple in practiced motions. Chop, chop, the end is near.
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📚 Book: Care and Capitalism

Care and Capitalism (Kathleen Lynch) The book explores the systematic power dynamics that reward and reinforce some ways thinking, and makes alternative futures increasingly difficult to imagine and realize. The key theme in the book is (unsurprisingly) care and capitalism, but the key theme that stood out to me is
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📚 Book: Gender(s)

Katherine Bond Stockton This book deconstructs gender layer by layer, diving into the strangeness of gender however "normal" it may seem at first. It draws on the relationships of gender with race, capacities of bodies, and money. Implied in this book are layers of violence. There is the force of
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📚 Zine: User’s Guide To (Demanding) The Impossible

Text by Gavin Grindon & John Jordan; Illustrations by Richard Houguez; Design by Darío Marroche Purchased from Possible Worlds Art is useless, so they tell us. As soon as it truly affects the world it loses its status as art. […] "Art" has always been useful to someone. When it becomes a
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📚 Book: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Fiction, by Gabrielle Zevin (link) Cosy but captivating, the narrative about the creative process within the reality of technology and capitalism touches on gender, race, and disability. I found the book described a human experience through a parallel with game design, both in how they are alike and not. The
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📚 Book: Making Light Work

This book is a very thorough and well referenced argument for a reform in work. A key take-away for me is that while there is a strong argument for reducing the proportion of a life time that is dedicated to what we call work, there's an equally important component to
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Can’t do it alone

Every now and then, I have this overwhelming itch to put something out into the world. Not just a drawing for mom, but something others would use too. When I was eight years old, I would make catalogues of products "others could buy". My parents didn't appreciate these finer things,
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