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Alex Brovkin

Single core CPU

Coffee, water, oats, dishes, oats, coffee, oats, coffee. Even the simplest tasks when done in parallel make me ache in a dull quiet scream. My body is begging me to stop. Coffee, dishes, oats, coffee, oats. I’m cutting the apple in practiced motions. Chop, chop, the end is near.
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Design spectrum

There was a point at a previous role where I was feeling frustrated by how little real Design I felt was happening at my work. I felt that the focus was too much on solutions, and too little on understanding the problem, with input from users. I spoke to a

Can’t do it alone

Every now and then, I have this overwhelming itch to put something out into the world. Not just a drawing for mom, but something others would use too. When I was eight years old, I would make catalogues of products "others could buy". My parents didn't appreciate these finer things,
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Pluriverse vs metaverse

The race to build yet another metaverse is on fire (Economist). It is fueled by people looking to gather with like minds in an increasignly polarized world, and worries me that it will lead to more of our differences being shunned rather than embraced. I found a beacon of hope
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Predictions for the Kinfolk Winter Issue

I had written this as an e-mail to my girlfriend Kait. Time and again, we noticed that our conversation would be right in sync with each new issue of the Kinfolk magazine. I wanted to put it to the test and write up my predictions for the next issue. Hey,

Being weird

I may be a bit odd or weird. I may change, I may not. For now, as long as weirdo wants to be weird, I’ll keep going that way, oscillating between being the odd self and a functional member of society. On the one end is the dysfunctional, self-indulged

Don’t Tell Me What You Do: You May Have Been Mislabeled

The labels we have to categorize the work creatives do are antiquated, but it’s not the labels that need to be modernized, but our understanding of the roles we play in our work. Working as a creative, I have a hard time explaining what I do when the omnipresent

Sex, Art & Travel: Life’s High Moments

Sex, art, and travel seem to encompass what our age group (back then I was twenty-two) strives for. By sex, lust and untamed passion aside, I also mean love and relationships and all that nice and fuzzy stuff. By art I mean art in all of its forms, including music,

📚⭐️ Book: The Human Condition

📚 Book: maquillée

📚 Book: Everything is Someone

📚 Book: Care and Capitalism

📚 Book: Gender(s)

📚 Book: How Buildings Learn

📚 Zine: User’s Guide To (Demanding) The Impossible

📚 Subversive Publishing Strategies

📚⭐️ Book: Queer Theory: A Graphic History

📚 Book: Queer Body Power

📚 Book: A View From The Porch

📚 Book: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

📚 Book: The ABCs of Capitalism

📚 Book: Presence - Human Purpose and the Field of the Future

📚 Book: The Trouble with Passion

📚 Book: Making Light Work

📚 Book: The End of Burnout

📚 Book: Make Ink

📚⭐️ Book: Care of

📚 Book: Inhabiting the negative space (Jenny Odell)

📚 Book: Curationism

📚 Book: Zen: The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

📚 Book: Speculative Everything

📚 Book: Happy City